Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2010 Season of Plein Air Painting

I forgot. I had a blog. I don't know where it went but the link from my website disappeared and its taken me a while to notice. About a year. Ooops. I'm planning on loading up(or I guess that's "uploading") all the images from last summer's plein air events for you to see. All of this is occuring to me as I am updating my website and focusing on something other than painting(really? is this focusing on something other than painting?) I guess this comes under the topic "shameless self promotion", but I can try to at least believe that I am doing this so it's easy for all my friends and followers to see what I've been painting. Websites, facebook, Linked In, Blogs, Lordy Lord, I don't know what is the politically correct thing to do first. Aren't these things passe already? Isn't there something NEW I am supposed to be doing that I haven't learned how to do?

Ok let's start in order. Last years Season of Plein Air was not the Tour of Triumph but it certainly was fun. It all began in Sonoma, CA where I met a beautiful woman named Rebecca Otto among the grape vines at one of the local vineyards as I was painting. She is probably singlehandedly responsible for getting me out of my head (fear) and into the painting process. We chatted away while I poked around hoping something would happen to the canvas. Here is what happened.(the 2 images of the vines). And here is what else happened.

Sonoma Plein Air Festival May 2010

I have fallen in love with hanging around the vineyards. When its sunny in the spring, the vineyards can be a quiet place to paint. There is something really peaceful about being amoung all these green vines.
These 2 are both size 9x12 and 12x9

But.. . here is what happens when you stand around painting in Sonoma County long enough. Sometimes you get sun. Sometimes it rains. Alot. Some of these were painted sitting in the back of my car. Or cramped in the front seat with the steering wheel in the way. Like this one of the cactus on this hillside ( 6x8). . . . Or this one below(the silhouetted Eucalyptus trees) I started in the early morning sitting in a vineyard. It started rainging so I went into the car and set up to paint inside. Then it stopped so I set back up outside. Then it started raining again. Stopped. Started. Stopped. After a while I just staying in the car to finish. Sometimes you eat the bear. Sometimes the bear eats you.
This is an 8x10

The Square in Sonoma is a great place to hang out. Lots of great shops-very expensive shops. My favorite clothing store in the world is on this block. When I'm feeling brave, I even shop there. But most of the time I'm in the land of Steven Tyler's famous song. . . Dream On.

These 2 vertical paintings of the Square are 10x8's too. the small horizontal of the Square is a 6x8--this one sold to a very cool lady who I met among the vines.

This painting of the atmospheric fields is a 16x20.

The Sonoma Plein Air is put on by a bunch of great folks to raise money for the arts programming in the Sonoma County schools so its a great thing to support. I wish I could have made more money for them.

Rain Again. 6x8

California Haze, 6x8

This painting of the barn is an 8x8--it sold at the show to a neat lady who used to live on a commune and it looked like their common mess hall so it was a good memory for her. I really like this little painting and was sorry to see it go but I'm glad it found a good home. So did 4 other paintings.

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