Monday, October 5, 2009

Salida: Colorado Mountain Plein Air Festival, Sept 17-25, 2009

More on this later but for now here are the winning paintings, "Franz Lake Nocturn",11x14, (Best of Show) and "Morning on the Arkansas River", 8x10(Quick Draw winner). I had the opportunity to stay at Joshua Been's place (check out his website)and we painted a lot. The first few days were pretty cold and damp and I got snowed on about 5 times painting at about 10,000 ft. The rest of the time was beautiful Colorado dry Sept. weather and great for painting.There were a bunch of other crazy painters at this event too, including Connie Grant, Matt Klein, who I painted the nocturn with, and the ever nuts and hugely talented Carl Ortman. Josh, Matt and I went out the night of the opening and painted a few more nocturns on the Arkansas River under a clear and starry, half moon sky that was casting shadows and making a lot of the necessary values for a night painting. I'll upload the rest of the plein air paintings from the show at a later date.


  1. SusieSusieSusie!!!
    You've really done a MASSIVE amount of work. Thanks for taking the time to catalogue & write about your adventures. I feel like I'm looking over your shoulder.
    Congrats on all of your recent awards.
    Go blogger, go blogger, go blogger!!

  2. Susie you are one bundle of energy and your work is looking Fab!! Congratulations. YOu can catch me at Would love to paint with you some day- where it is warm!!

  3. Great blog, Suzie.
    You have created some real jewels here.
    God bless and keep that brush moving.