Monday, October 5, 2009

Salida: Colorado Mountain Plein Air Festival, Sept 17-25, 2009

More on this later but for now here are the winning paintings, "Franz Lake Nocturn",11x14, (Best of Show) and "Morning on the Arkansas River", 8x10(Quick Draw winner). I had the opportunity to stay at Joshua Been's place (check out his website)and we painted a lot. The first few days were pretty cold and damp and I got snowed on about 5 times painting at about 10,000 ft. The rest of the time was beautiful Colorado dry Sept. weather and great for painting.There were a bunch of other crazy painters at this event too, including Connie Grant, Matt Klein, who I painted the nocturn with, and the ever nuts and hugely talented Carl Ortman. Josh, Matt and I went out the night of the opening and painted a few more nocturns on the Arkansas River under a clear and starry, half moon sky that was casting shadows and making a lot of the necessary values for a night painting. I'll upload the rest of the plein air paintings from the show at a later date.