Saturday, March 19, 2011

2010 Plein Air Season

Telluride Plein Air June/July 2010

Morning Light in the Aspens 6x12 and Columbines 8x12

Tipi #2 8x6

Morning Splendor 24x12 . Morning Spendor was done up at Alta Lakes, above an old mining camp. The 8x8 next to it called Falling Water was done at the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls with my good painting buddy Joshua Been who is just an awesome painter.

Tipi #2, 8x6, and Morning Lupines, 8x10. Morning Lupines was just featured in Southwest Art Magazine's Feb. issue.

Telluride is such an awesome place to paint. The mountains are ridiculous, the town is hoppin, the people are great, and this is one of 2 towns I know of in Colorado which has a "Free Box". What this means is that if you pull into town and you forgot something, or you have too much of something, you can roll up to the free box and see if what you need is there. Or, you can drop off something you don't need. what a great idea. You would think there are still hippies in town. I can assure you, you would be right. Above is Morning Lupines, 8x10, and Tipi #2, 8x6

why is this text underlined?

"Leftovers" 12x9, above left and "Through the Aspens" 16x20, above right.

Keep scrolling down. . . . . I am having a little trouble working with this working space in Blogger, and I seem to have a serious lack of word processing skills so my apologies. I also keep deleting images and can't get them back, have to re-upload, and they don't want to cooperate with where I want to put them.

Another view at right of the ridiculous mountains you are surrounded by in Telluride, at sunset (6x8 and still available at this moment but the aspens in the foreground got changed to their fall colors one day in the studio. Not sure what possessed me to do that, I kind of like it the way it is here)

A view of town from above, up the road at the back of the box canyon, 10x8

Couldn't resist painting this bike outside the gas station. "Speed for sale is 6x8

View of the west end of town, 8x10

Its definitely a bike town and the best way to get around. Driving is just silly if you CAN find a place to park and really seems to be discouraged. 8x8

The Sheridan Bar on the side of the Sheridan Hotel. They were really nice to let us paint inside on a rainy day. 8x6


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