Friday, September 11, 2009

Victor Plein Air Event, Victor, CO Sept 3-7, 2009

"Afternoon Pastures", (6x8, oil on canvas), was chosen as the blue ribbon winning painting in this competition, seems I have bagged another best of show, so I cancelled the pity party I had arranged for Estes Park. I arrived on a Thursday morning with only a day to produce the maximum 4 paintings to enter in the show. I painted like mad all day, doing 4 studies during the daylight, one in Victor's only bar, and another 2 under a gorgeous full moon, until about 11:30 pm."Victor Nocturn #2", (8x10, oil on linen at right) and "Victor Nocturn #1"(scroll down farther into the next post) were the result.

"Soldiers Night Out", (12x12, oil on canvas, SOLD), and "Put Some Distance On It", (12x9, oil on linen, SOLD)also went into the show. The Event also hosted a "brush rush" on Sunday and a quick draw on Monday.

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