Friday, September 11, 2009

Additional paintings from Victor, CO

" Third Street", (right,8x10,oil on canvas), "Abandoned",(below right, 6x8, oil on linen), and "Victor Nocturn #1", (below right, 6x8, oil on linen). As up can see, Victor is a really funky town with lots of great stuff to paint--mining equipment, falling down, abandoned houses and buildings, trailers, treasures, and trash, rusted cars and trucks, and on every street it looks like you are on the set of a movie. Extremely paintable and awesome! A really enjoyable experience complete with all the lovely, giving, beautiful, different, and crazy characters who people the town. Beautiful scenery in the high country of Colorado!

"Shelf Road Composition", (6x8, oil on birch panel), and "Working Mine", (8x10, oil on linen)

Trolley Time, 6x8, oil on canvas

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